PacSun has announced more Yeezus Tour Merch has arrived. The retailer released some pieces earlier in the tour, but this time around there are newer items you won’t find anywhere else. The 10-piece collection is exclusive only to PacSun, and will include Wes Lang graphic tees, crewneck sweaters, and fleece tops with cut-off sleeves. The most sought-after will most likely be a new bomber jacket sans confederate flag, and with a star-emblazoned cross on the back instead. 

Kanye West tour merch mania is at an all time high. And just like Yeezy, who’s been on a controversial rant-filled streak, these clothes have also been hotly debated thanks to its use of the Confederate flag. That’s not stopping them from flying off the shelves (the NY pop-up alone sold $350,000 worth of merch in two days), though, so plan your holiday shopping wisely.

The collection is now available both in stores and on the PacSun website.