Someone Pimped a $100,000 Luxury Watch by Attaching an Apple Watch to It

Swiss luxury in the front, advanced technology in the back.

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This Apple Watch and luxury timepiece hybrid feels like a concoction straight out of Xzibit's Pimp My Ride. He heard you like watches, so he put a smart watch on the back of a classic timepiece. The real mastermind behind the creation, though, is Nico Gerard, a watch company that never wants you to have to pick between your smart device and your timeless timepiece ever again, according to BuzzFeed.

The company's president, Adam Pluemer, seriously believes this is a real problem. "Before Nico Gerard, people were forced to choose," he told BuzzFeed. “You had to pick whether you were going to put on your luxury timepiece or your Apple Watch or smart device. Our oracle is to make sure our clientele is uncompromised and has the ability to do both."  

Nico Gerard's new two-in-one timepieces, dubbed the Pinnacle, comes in stainless steel (the Skyview Pinnacle) or 18 karat gold (the Sunrise Pinnacle). Prices start at just $9,300, but skyrocket all the way up to $112,000. The watches are so exclusive it costs $200 just to get on the waitlist for an item that won't ship for six to eight months. The traditional watch half is Swiss-made and its movement is certified by an independent Swiss chronometer testing institute. 

The watch's product description is also as over-the-top as the timepiece itself. 

The tranquil morning dew is cool and the fresh air is still. The dawn of a new day glows red with promise. You feel the warmth of the sun’s rays wrap around you as the sun crests the horizon. The morning beauty fills your heart with joy. The red face of the Nico Gerard Sunrise PINNACLE lets you experience the excitement of a sunrise as this unique work of art graces your wrist.

While Apple has done its best to advertise the watch to the fashion community, other individuals and companies continue to make their own modifications to the company's watch. Beyoncé and Karl Lagerfeld both received custom all-gold versions of the Apple Watch, Tom Ford turned his into a pocket watch, and another company covered the Apple Watch in diamonds and is selling it for $75k.

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