With the announcement for the Apple Watch set for March 9, the promotional campaign for the tech giant's latest gadget is beginning in earnest. Apple is starting by making a huge push to the fashion community with a 12-page advertisement spread in Vogue. 

The campaign is perfectly positioned next to Anna Wintour's letter from the editor in the March issue, which features Taylor Swift and Karlie Kross as cover stars. All three models of the watch—standard stainless steel, Sport, and the 18-karat gold Edition—are on display in the sleek ads, Re/Code reports.

The rate for a single-page ad in Vogue typically runs $189,888, but Apple most likely added to this exorbitant cost by beefing up some of the details. The ads are on thicker, uniquely cut paper to help the spread stand out from the rest of the 604-page issue. 

Apple has made concerted efforts to get the watch in front of the fashion crowd, nabbing a spot on the cover of Vogue China's November 2014 issue, which you can view below. The tech giant has also poached executives from numerous fashion companies, including Saint Laurent, Burberry, Levi's, and Nike, to prepare for the release.

The Apple Watch goes on sale in April.

Image via Engadget

[via Fashionista]