John Galliano Continues to Atone for Anti-Semitic Remarks by Giving Keynote Speech at Jewish Event

John Galliano is still trying to redeem himself after he made heinous anti-Semitic comments back in 2011.

Image via Vogue

John Galliano has made his return to fashion as creative director of Maison Margiela. However, the designer continues to atone for the anti-Semtic comments he made that got him fired from Dior. Galliano will give the keynote speech and appear on a panel at a Jewish event in London on May 28, reports WWD.

The event, called Connectis a lecture series hosted by several London synagogues that hopes to offer Jewish people the chance to learn about varying topics. The theme of Connect's first event is fashion and will feature Galliano speaking on the topic "in conversation with a panel of other people​," according to the Central Synagogue's website

Galliano's connection to the Central Synagogue comes from its Rabbi Barry Marcus, who has helped Galliano with his rehabilitation ever since the two were introduced by Condé Nast's International CEO Jonathan Newhouse. Marcus educated the designer on Judaism and Jewish culture, according to The Guardian, and Galliano ended up inviting the rabbi to sit front row at his debut runway show for Margiela. 

It's encouraging to see Galliano, whose return to the fashion industry has probably already been cemented thanks to his role at Margiela, continue to make reparations for the heinous remarks he made. 

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