Thank God Jared Leto’s 'Suicide Squad' Press Tour Is Over

'Suicide Squad' is out so we might actually get a respite from Jared Leto and his Gucci outfits.

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Suicide Squad’s first trailer was released over a year ago. And since then, we’ve had to deal with Jared Leto’s Squad-related antics as he sent fellow cast members live rats, condoms, and anal beads. His final stunt was leaving, judging by the reviews, this flaming bag of dog shit of a movie on all of our doorsteps. But maybe worst of all is that we’ve had to deal with Leto and his exhausting, endless press tour for Gucci.

First things first, we should be clear that this isn’t all as “organic” as any celebrity and label would like you to believe. Leto was named the face of Gucci’s “Guilty” fragrance in December 2015 and, since then, it’s been an unrestrained love fest between the actor and label. While Leto did wear a couple of Gucci items out before the partnership—notably to LACMA 2015 Art+Film Gala that was “presented by Gucci” and to a Glamour event— he was most often seen rocking labels like Saint Laurent, Enfant Riches Déprimés, and Balmain, and even made noise in a Marcelo Burlon poncho in 2015.

Can you spot the difference between November 2015 Leto and February 2016 Leto? There’s nothing wrong with labels and celebs striking up a deal, but this pairing in particular seems so over the top. Gucci, by its very flamboyant nature, is purposefully overwhelming;  permanently pasting it onto our eyeballs for six straight months misses the purpose.

Leto should take a page out of A$AP Rocky’s book and realize that moments for Gucci exist. What he’s doing is the equivalent of feeding us a decadent chocolate cake for every meal. If Leto really needs to wear Gucci every time he’s out, he should try just rolling with something subtle, like loafers—he did this when he went on Ellen—and save the full head-to-toe outfits that look like they were designed in Candy Land’s Gumdrop Pass for the really important, rare occassion.

Jared Leto Wearing Gucci at Suicide Squad London Premiere

Leto’s performance as the Joker seems to be perfectly analogous for his constant love for Gucci, in that both created a lot of news for everyone involved. Leto generated a massive amount of press with his on-set shenanigans. (And, it turns out, not only is the movie reportedly badder than bad, he doesn’t get even much screentime “Jared Leto’s Joker is barely in this movie,” we wrote in our review.)

Similarly, Leto has generated a massive amount of press for the already perpetually-in-the-news Italian house. His cosplaying as Buddy the Elf at the London premiere of Suicide Squad generated a meme that was retweeted over 40,000 times. That generated stories about how Leto instantly fell for it, and then another round of stories when he got on the phone with Vanity Fair to “ruin” our meme. And that’s just this week.

And there’s not even anything particularly new about this—Leto has worn exclusively Gucci for every big event in 2016 and almost every high-profile appearance he’s made. The last 18 posts about Leto on UpscaleHype, a site that tracks and identifies what celebrities are wearing, have all featured him wearing Gucci. He even wore a goddamn Gucci beanie to go hiking. You have to go all the way back to this year’s Coachella to find Leto wearing something other than Gucci: an Enfant Riches Déprimés T-shirt.

Jared Leto Wearing Gucci on Jimmy Fallon

We’ve now officially heard about Leto wearing Gucci as much as we’ve heard about his “method acting,” and it has been tiring enough hearing that shoved down our throats. Gucci is incredibly popular right now, but this combination has run its course. We’re over it. It’s time to move on. Listen, Leto: There are other labels out there, and we know you know that, because you’ve worn them before. Your brand of eccentricity can still shine through without Gucci. That Marcelo Burlon poncho and the Saint Laurent jacket with the palm-tree print lapels are proof. You’ve made your point, Leto.

But now that Suicide Squad’s press tour is basically over, magazines won’t be clamoring to get Guccified Leto on their covers for some time, talk show hosts will have nothing to peg his appearances to for a bit, and there will be fewer red carpets for him to parade down. Now, finally, we can put out this fire, because even if Leto’s Joker just wants to watch the world burn the blaze has to die out at some point.

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