Supreme's James Jebbia Says Ralph Lauren Is His Biggest Inspiration

Supreme founder James Jebbia talks about his biggest inspiration and what success means to him.

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Supreme founder James Jebbia recently spoke to Paper Magazine for its "Original Gangsters" series, which highlights trailblazers and pioneers across industries. Paper got into what drives Jebbia, and who his biggest inspiration is. Besides mentioning the Beastie Boys and the group's "dope music," Jebbia's inspiration may surprise you at first.

When asked about his own "personal OGs," Jebbia responded, "Ralph Lauren... Ralph is somebody that doesn't change with trends and has just kept it up and gotten better and better. That's what we aspire to, without getting boring." The answer makes sense for a brand that transcends street culture and has had such staying power over the past 20 years, similar to what Lauren has been able to do with his empire. 

Jebbia defines the success of the brand by its ability to get "the young, new generation into it while also having the people who've been into it for many years still appreciating it." When asked if it was at all about money, Jebbia simply said, "No." 

Check out the entire interview over on Paper now.

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