The Deeper Meanings Behind Some of the World's Most Famous Logos

Many of the most famous logos are deeper than you think.

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Companies search endlessly for the perfect logos, sometimes undergoing redesigns that are mocked by the public, in hopes of landing on something more than just a cool way to put its name out there. The Independent has rounded up a handful of the most successful companies in the world that also have logos with meanings you probably never noticed before. 

The arrow that points from "a" to "z" underneath Amazon's logo, and represents that the company has everything from a to z, is fairly well known as is the arrow in the FedEx logo. However, did you know that the Toyota logo represents every letter used in its company's name, that the Tour de France's depicts a man on a bike, or that the mountain in the Tolberone logo contains the outline of a bear, which is a subtle shoutout to the company's hometown Bern, which has a bear on its coat of arms?

Cisco's logo cleverly calls out San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge, which the founders were inspired by after driving across it to register the company. Wikipedia's logo features a number of tiles that represent the first letter of the company in a number of different languages. Lesser known companies like Spartan Golf and Picasa also deserve recognition. Not only does Spartan Golf show a man swinging a club, but the outline makes a Spartan's helmet. The logo for Picasa, a photo-storing app, is shaped after a camera's shutter and outlines a house, or "casa," in Spanish, in the middle. 

You can scroll through the clever logos below. 

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