Airbnb released their new logo yesterday to a firestorm of criticism. People compared it to both male and female genitalia, various mammals, and defecating individuals. But the general consensus seems to be that the new logo looks like a ballsack.

Known as the Bélo (sorry guys, but giving it an accent doesn't make it look any less like a penis doodle), Airbnb's new logo was designed by London-based firm DesignStudio. The magenta squiggle was meant to combine the figure of a heart, a location pin, and the company's A. It was also designed so anyone could draw it (like, perhaps, a horny teenage boy). 

In addition to the backlash the logo as received, people have pointed out that it looks exactly like Automation Anywhere's new logo, something both companies have expressed was an unfortunate coincidence.

No matter what you think about the new Airbnb logo, and some designers have spoken up for the lambasted Bélo, here are The 20 Funniest Airbnb Logo Design Parodies. To the poor designer out there who dreamed up the Bélo, at least it doesn't look like Lisa Simpson giving Bart Simpson a blow job.

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