Here's Backstage Footage From Gosha Rubchinskiy Fall/Winter 2015 Show

Go behind the scenes of Gosha Rubchinskiy's Fall/Winter 2015 show with this grainy footage.

Emerging Russian designer Gosha Rubchinskiy had one of the most talked about Fall/Winter 2015 collections, and now you can see what went down at the show.

The footage was shot by Julian Klincewicz exclusively for Dazed. Klincewicz is a skater and photographer based in San Diego, and was discovered by Rubchinskiy on Instagram. Rubchinskiy flew the photographer from California to Paris and gave him full access at the show. The result is a grainy, VHS-esque video that quickly cuts from one scene to the next and perfectly captures Rubchinskiy's '90s skate aesthetic. 

It's not hard to see why the Russian designer is a fan of the photographer, as Rubchinskiy shot an editorial with a similar vibe for Supreme last year. For his part, Klincewicz says, "I think [Rubchinskiy is] doing something very genuine, very un-pretentious, and very artistically methodical. There's also a lot to read into each piece – what he's referencing, What cultures he's juxtaposing, what ideas he's building off of, playing with, and expanding.​"

Watch a clip above, and head over to Dazed for the full video. 


[via Dazed]

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