Everyone is a clothing “designer” these days; as long as you have Photoshop, you can turn As to Vs and toss in a few hashtags to become the new “flavor of the week” brand. True fans of the art of style and fashion know that this just will not suffice if you want to truly make it. Whether you have formal training in the art of cut and sew or you’re a self-taught visionary, there has to be something unique about your brand—thriving in this industry isn’t as easy as one may think.

Brands come and go everyday, so what is it that sets each one apart? Whether you improve upon a previously created idea, or you blow the water completely out of the pond with something new, there must be something separating you and the next brand. And the difference all starts with the designer’s vision. The following 10 designers are well on their way to establishing the arm’s length from the competition they need to bring their incredible pieces to the promised land. Treat yourself to the brilliance of 10 Emerging Designers You Need To Get Familiar With.