Brazilian Beauty Pageant Contestant Attacks the Winner After Coming in Second

The runner-up in a Brazlian beauty pageant attacked the winner and accused her of buying the title.

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Things got ugly at a beauty pageant in Manaus, Brazil after the runner-up attacked the winner as she was being crowned. The runner-up, Sheislane Hayalla, lost her cool, ripped the crown off of Carolina Toledo' head, and threw it to the ground, before walking off stage hurling insults. 

Security officers restored order by returning the crown to Toledo and apprehending the runner-up backstage. However, the real damage came following the pageant.

Hayalla claims that the competition, Miss Amazon 2015​, is rigged and that Toledo bought the title, the Mirror reports. "Money talks in Manaus," Hayalla said, "And I wanted to show the Amazon people money doesn’t talk here. She didn’t deserve the title.”

While Miss Amazon's organizers weigh a punishment for Hayalla, who would typically attend events throughout the year as runner-up, the winner will go on to compete in Miss Brazil. 

Watch the whole video above. 

[via the Mirror & YouTube]

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