Banksy Gives Pretty Funny Response to His Artwork Receiving Historial Status

The reclusive Banksy makes a joke about having his artwork Grade II listed.

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Banksy's famous "Spy Booth" mural in Cheltenham, England, which depicts men listening in on a telephone booth, received Grade II Listing status after the piece was almost removed and sent to a museum. A Grade II Listing denotes a building in Britain with historical significance, so the mural can no longer be removed or tampered with. 

The new designation marks the first time a Banksy work has received the historic status, reports the Bristol Post. The typically reclusive artist even came out of the woodwork to make a statement about it on his website. "It's surprising because when I did art at school I got an 'ungraded,'" he says in the site's FAQ. 

The "Spy Booth" mural has been embroiled in controversy since it was done. Before a London museum tried to take it from the town, it was defaced after the death of London graffiti artist King Robbo. Plus, the owner of the home the mural is on has wanted it removed the entire time.

The Grade II status ensures that Banksy's piece will be there for a long time, though.

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