Amanda Bynes Reportedly Bought Cartier Jewelry for Her FIDM Teachers and Strangers

Amanda Bynes handed out Cartier to former FIDM professors and strangers. The cheapest piece of jewelry at Cartier is this $1,640 gold "Love" bracelet.

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Amanda Bynes' latest bizarre behavior involves buying Cartier jewelry and passing the pieces out to strangers, the New York Daily News is reporting. Bynes apparently started purchasing presents for the staff at FIDM, where Bynes was said to have been kicked out of earlier this year, and later for random people who started hanging around during her mental breakdown.

The development comes out as part of legal documents filed by Bynes' parents to keep conservatorship, in addition to the psychiatric hold they are seeking, over their daughter's dwindling assets. Bynes' net worth, now below $6 million, is dropping quickly, with her only profits coming from a rental property she owns. 

The cheapest piece of jewelry at Cartier is this $1,640 gold "Love" bracelet, but most items cost much more. Mass purchases from the luxury jewelry store would make a dent on anyone's net worth after too many splurges.  

Spending "alarming amounts" of money on jewelry and then immediately handing it out to strangers won't help Bynes' case for sanity, but it's a small part of a larger issue that involves lying about her father sexually abusing her, shoplifting at Barneys, and getting arrested for a DUI.

[via New York Daily News]

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