There's a $50,000 Font Designed Exclusively for Kanye West

Even Yeezy's typeface is way out of your pricerange.

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It's no secret that Kanye West is very particular about aesthetics, and he's also revealed that he gets "emotional over fonts." So, if anyone were to have a font worth $50,000 exclusive to them, it would be West. Designer Tyler Finck wants to make that a reality with a rant-ready all-caps font he created, dubbed Yeezy Display, according to The Verge.

Finck describes Yeezy Display as a "headline font" on his website. It features "custom letters as big, bold, and polarizing as the man himself," he writes. The font also comes equipped with three versions of each character that are used depending on the other letters that surround it. Finck's goal is to have West use the font for his next album. "Seriously," he writes. "That's the goal here." We're curious to see how SWISH would look with this typeface. 

If West does end up purchasing the font, it will go towards financing Finck's wedding. Check out more samples and gawk at the outrageous pricetag here.

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