Whoopi Goldberg Says 1993 Oscars Outfit Criticism Stopped Her From Dressing Up

The EGOT winner opened up about how the criticism over the outfit she wore to the 65th Academy Awards impacted her: "I’m not going to lie. It hurt my feelings."

Barry King / Getty Images

Whoopi Goldberg said she stopped enjoying dressing up for ceremonies after facing backlash for her outfit at the 65th Academy Awards.

Back in 1993, Whoopi showed up to the Oscars in a purple and lime green jumpsuit, which led to fashion critics slotting Goldberg at the top of their "worst dressed" lists. Three decades later, the EGOT winner admits the criticism surrounding her wardrobe choice impacted her.

"It hurt my feelings, I’m not going to lie. It hurt my feelings,” Whoopi told Page Six at Tuesday’s Fashion Group International Night of Stars gala, where she received the American Icon Award.

Goldberg added, “It kept me from dressing up for a very long time. You have to remember, in those days, they would say things and you’d think, ‘Do I really look that ridiculous?'."

Despite the backlash she received 30 years ago, Goldberg still stands by her fashion choice, saying that the look was inspired by I Love Lucy star Lucille Ball.

“Lucy would always come out in these great ensembles. And I thought, I would like to wear that! And green is not a color I would normally wear; let me try it!” she recalled.

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