PROMO: JCPenney & Michael Strahan Team Up to Provide Apparel for the Refined Yet Active Man

Michael Strahan dishes on his dope new apparel lines at JCPenny.

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Michael Strahan is supremely versatile. Super Bowl champion, actor, producer, broadcaster—those are just a few of the many monikers used to describe one of the hardest working men in show business. Another thing we can say about Stray? The dude knows how to dress. That’s why JCPenney partnered with Strahan to create not one, but two men’s apparel lines. Complex recently caught up with Strahan to learn more about the inspiration behind his fashion lines, COLLECTION by Michael Strahan and MSX by Michael Strahan. 

“I’ve always had a passion for fashion,” Strahan says. “If you’re comfortable with what you're wearing, then your self-confidence shines.” Self-confidence is something that Strahan has always exuded over the course of his more than two decades in the public eye. “When JCPenney came to me with the idea of creating a new apparel collection, I saw an opportunity to help a wide array of guys dress for any occasion, so they too can look and feel their best.”

During this process, it was important to Strahan that he remained true to who he is and to his own sense of style, which he describes as “refined-relaxed.”

“With COLLECTION,” he says, “we wanted to create a line that felt classic, but not stuffy; cool, but not overly trendy. Something that every man can wear and feel confident in at a price that is approachable.”


While Strahan is no doubt a refined gentleman when it comes to style, he’s also a very active guy. That's why he felt compelled to create a second line that represented the other, more on-the-go aspect of his daily life.

“MSX came to fruition for that exact reason,” he says. “I wear a suit at work every morning, but the rest of the time, I'm spending time with my family, playing golf, or running errands. I wanted something that allowed me to stay active without looking like I was on my way back from the gym.”

MSX’s core items, like the jogger pants and bomber jacket, have become staples of Strahan’s wardrobe. “Because of the premium details like the no-chafe seams and coated zippers, I can wear them right from the office to the golf course,” he says.

With fashion, seeing is believing. In the video above, you can watch as Mustafa Kacar of Astute Attire treats two strangers walking down the streets of SoHo to a Michael Strahan-inspired makeover with pieces from both the COLLECTION and MSX lines. While the fits probably won't transform either into one of the greatest defensive ends of all time, it will definitely help them look and feel good, thanks to the master of “refined-relaxed.”

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