COS Debuts Spring/Summer 2024 Collection With First-Ever Rome Show

The collection is available right now.

Models in a fashion show wearing minimalist outfits, with a focus on a female model in a white off-the-shoulder top

COS made its runway debut in Rome this week with the brand's upcoming Spring/Summer 2024 main and Atelier collections.

At the Corsie Sistine in the Italian capital, the brand showcased some of the looks it has planned for the warmer months. Pieces featured on the runway showcased airy materials, transparent fabrics, and minimal tones. The collection is available through the COS website immediately, with pieces ranging from stylish jackets to affordable accessories.

Check out some images from the show below.

Model in an off-shoulder billowy top and wide-leg trousers walks the runway
Model in a fashion show wearing an oversized white shirt paired with wide-leg pants and black shoes
Model on runway wearing an off-shoulder, voluminous top with matching trousers and red sunglasses
Model on runway wearing an off-shoulder black top, wide-legged pants, carrying a bag, and sporting large sunglasses
Model on runway showcasing a black dress and large ruffled green sleeve accessory
Model walks runway in a perforated leather jacket over a collared shirt and shorts ensemble
Model on runway wearing oversized denim shirt, matching knee-length shorts, and black sandals. Hands in pockets, stoic expression
Model walks runway in oversized terracotta suit with coordinating shirt and sandals at a fashion show
Model on runway in oversized black shirt, sheer mesh top, and wide-leg trousers
Model on runway in elegant red blouse and trousers with puff sleeves, standing confidently
Model on runway wearing a sheer black blouse with billowing sleeves and black bottoms
Model on runway wearing a high-neck pleated gown with a draped neckline

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