Terry Richardson's Girlfriend Had the Weirdest Baby Shower in the History of Baby Showers

Terry Richardson and his lady are a unique couple.

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Last October, famed photographer and noted creep Terry Richardson confirmed that he was going to be a father. He and his girlfriend, Alexandra Bolotow, are having twins, and as people do, they had a baby shower. However, Richardson and Bolotow aren't just anybody. The couple may have dropped some acid when they came up with their baby shower theme.

The shindig was more bachelorette party than it was baby shower for sure. There were dicks on the tablecloths, there were dicks used as party favors, there were dick balloons. There were dicks everywhere!

And Bolotow wore a shirt that said, "I should have swallowed."

Check out their extraordinary cake of a dog and the twins crowning on Terry Richardson's signature flannel.

Oh yeah, Martha Stewart da gawd was in attendance as you can see via writer Juliana Balestin's IG.

She also posed for a photo with the happy couple.

Finally, everyone who showed up received condom parting gifts with Bolotow sonogram on the package with the phrase: "Cumming Soon" followed by two wet emojis.

These kids are going to grow up in an interesting household to say the least.

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