Dior Men’s Spring 2021 Collection Features Must-Cop Sneakers and Couture-Inspired Drip

This drop is full of big prints, brash colors, and covetable accessories and footwear.

Dior Men's Spring 2021

Image via Dior

Dior Men's Spring 2021

Dior Men’s Spring 2021 collection is the story of two homes, or rather maisons, as the French call them. For inspiration, Artistic Director Kim Jones looked to the official Maison Dior at 30 Avenue Montaigne in Paris, where Monsieur Dior established his couture house in 1946, contrasting it with Château de La Colle Noire, the country home the label’s founder also owned in Provence.

In this collection, Jones combines Dior’s elegant couture heritage with contemporary sportswear, creating a feeling of duality that explores themes of tradition, comfort, and the ways reality affects clothing. In a nod to Château de La Colle Noire, easy-wearing holiday-style silhouettes punctuate the collection, offset by relaxed tailoring that’s been softened to reflect both country serenity and exciting cityscapes. Dior Men’s Spring 2021 offers wearers the best of both environments, while dripping everything in a sumptuous craftiness that evokes the best of hand-made couture, including numerous iterations of the house’s Dior Oblique logotype, which is redone as a print, in beaded embroidery, and even via needlepoint. 

Footwear and accessories only further these themes for Dior Men’s Spring 2021 collection. Jones tapped legendary hatmaker Stephen Jones to create Dior Oblique-print headwear for the collection, while the bags and leather goods here also sport the label’s legendary logo, giving them a modern street-savvy feel. Perhaps most interesting to Complex readers, the collection also includes sneakers bearing Dior’s “CD Icon” logo, a saddle buckle design usually reserved for decorating loafers, making them a rare and beautiful encapsulation of this line’s mission to combine country and city. Emphasizing both personal and the public, the luxurious and the utilitarian, Dior Men’s Spring 2021 collection proves that clothes and shoes can be both a house and a home.


Dior Oblique Shirt and Pants

Dior Men's Spring Summer 2021 13

Price: $1,450/$1,700


Saddle Bag

Dior Men's Spring Summer 2021 3

Price: $3,200


B27 High-Top Sneaker 

Dior Men's Spring Summer 2021

Price: $1,100


'CD Icon' Chain Link Bracelet 

Dior Men's Spring Summer 2021

Price: $730

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