The Inside of Tommy Hilfiger's $80M Penthouse in New York Doesn't Match the Price Tag

Tommy Hilfiger's expensive New York penthouse is much less attractive once you get inside.

Image via Curbed

When we saw the inside of Tommy Hilfiger's home in Miami last week, we didn't think it could get much worst. The red, white, and blue decor and shag carpeting were way overboard, and his wife Dee confessed that the designer was following her direct orders to make the place "shagadelic." The couple wanted to express themselves more freely in that place than they could in their New York, so we expected the interior of the Central Park duplex to be a lot tamer. We were wrong.





Trading in the furs for metallic floor coverings and tortoise shell walls, the penthouse is a whole new extreme. As always, the art in the space is great (we spy what appears to be a Tracey Emin piece and a couple Basquiats), but it's not enough to redeem the hideous interior design decisions made there. Traveling from room to room within the duplex is like visiting Epcot Center with its wide array of styles and influences. We blame everyone involved for this eyesore's existence. 




[via Curbed]

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