Swizz Beatz Paints Basquiat on a Benz Hood and Sells it to Jay-Z


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As he prepares for an art show in support of art education for children, Swizz Beatz has been painting a few of his icons on the hoods of luxury cars. The first of three hoods that we've seen so far is entitled "Holy Grail" in dedication of Jay-Z's upcoming album "Magna Carta Holy Grail" dropping on Independence Day.

The painting features art legend and hip-hop's crush Jean-Michel Basquiat and was done on the hood of a Mercedes Benz. Jay liked it so much that he bought it from Swizzy for an undisclosed amount. Previously, Swizz sold his Ali painting on the hood of a Porsche for $25,000, so if that's the average, this sale to Jay-Z and the 48 other hoods will raise a lot of money and lots of children will gain access to the arts in school.

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