Snoop Dogg Helps Instagram Artists Flourish With the "Uncle Snoop's Artists" Collection

Snoop offers a collection of apparel and accessories, designed by artists on Instagram and inspired by him.

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Using his recently launched WestFestMall online store, Snoop Dogg (aka the "Jackson Pollock of our time") is offering a selection of apparel and accessories designed by fellow artists that he discovered on Instagram. The "Uncle Snoop's Artists" collection features everything a Snoop fan could want, including Snoop backpacks, cellphone cases, Macbook sleeves, and lots of T-shirts with the Doggfather's face, bandana prints, and cannabis leaves. The artists are given credit for their designs, and according to Snoop's website, "Every purchase on the site supports these young talents and Snoop Dogg’s overall initiative to give them an opportunity to showcase their art."





Snoop is also selling Broadus Family Collection candles with fragrances including "White Rose" and "Baby Powder," and Snoop-themed door mats, so all of your holiday shopping needs are pretty much taken care of.


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