Shia LaBeouf Introduces Student Art Projects While Wearing a Motorcycle Helmet

LaBeouf takes direction from art students in his latest performance piece.

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As former famous person Shia LaBeouf continues his transition from movie star to serious artist, things get weirder and weirder. From silent performances in galleries with a bag on his head, to letting people to listen to his heart, LaBeouf seems to be taking his art career very seriously and now others are too.

Central Saint Martins, a highly regarded art school in London, got LaBeouf to participate in a project for this year's graduating class as they present their end-of-year films. In the video above titled #INTRODUCTIONS, LaBeouf performs in front of a green screen for a 31 minutes. Each of the 36 pieces serves as an introduction to the students' works. According to Dazed Digital, LaBeouf is acting on requests and directions from each of the artists, which ranged from a "motivational talk" to "a rendition of a character struggling to accept their death."

For the live stream of #INTRODUCTIONSthe green screen will be replaced with images and video selected by the artists. To read more about LaBeouf's performance and the CSM project, head over to Dazed Digital.



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