Shepard Fairey Paints His Largest Mural to Date in Detroit

The freshly painted mural towers 184 feet over downtown Detroit.

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2015 is going to be a big year for street art in Detroit, literally. Twins How & Nosm will be painting the world's tallest mural there soon, and Shepard Fairey just finished painting his largest mural ever on the Compuware Building downtown.

According to MLive, the 184-foot-tall, 62-foot-wide mural took Fairey and three assistants ten days (working ten hours a day) and 300 cans of paint to complete. The piece was made possible by Bedrock Real Estate Services and Library Street Collective, where Fairey will be opening a solo exhibition on May 22 as a part of his "Printed Matters" series. "I wanted my work to be in front of people," Fairey told MLive. "I didn't want people to have to go somewhere to see it."

Check out the progress photos before from Fairey's Instagram, and if you're in Detroit and want to see it, just look up.








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