This Rumored Los Angeles Clippers Jersey Design Could be the Worst in Franchise History

These leaked graphics show a new logo and overall questionable new jersey design for the Clippers.

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Los Angeles Clippers fans may want to consider finding a new team to root for next year after seeing what their squad may be rocking on the court. According to UniWatch, two unnamed sources have leaked information and graphics on separate occasions that suggest that a new logo will be adopted by the franchise, and that the color of the jerseys may also change, for reasons explained in the captions of the graphics below.



The graphics are clearly Photoshopped, which made Paul Lukas of UniWatch skeptical of the first source, but a more reliable second source confirmed that the images are the ones that he saw as well. "This doesn’t necessarily mean that the Clippers are definitely going with the entire graphics package that was shown to me by Source One," writes Lukas, “but it probably means that they’re going with something pretty close to it."

In an update to the post, Lukas writes that the jerseys could be the Clippers' NBA Summer League uniforms and not designs for the regular season. For the sake of their reputation and our eyes, we hope that neither option is true.

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