Richard Prince Claims To Have Smoked This Painting and We Believe Him

We would believe any bizarre thing that he told us.

Image via RichardPrince4 on Twitter

If you're not following Richard Prince on Twitter, you really are missing out. The artist posts images of his work, rap quotes, naked photos of his family, and other awesomeness that should come with an admission fee. He recently posted one of his "Protest Paintings" in a tweet that read "Protest Painting. Fight The Power? I smoked the painting. Then I burned it. My fault? Naw. Swear to god." The tweet could have been a random assortment of words thrown together to accompany the photo...or he really did light and smoke this piece of artwork. To see what that may have looked like, check out the Photoshop made by the folks at ANIMAL because it's pretty awesome.

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[via ANIMAL]

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