Pope Francis Actually Loves Street Art As Much As You Do

Super Pope for the win.

Image via PCCA_VA on Twitter

Pope Francis continues to surprise the world with just how open-minded and accepting he is of just about everything, traits that are not often associated with his job title. He joined Twitter and called the Internet "a gift from God," he has the most lax view of gay marriage and abortion in Catholic church history, and now he has come out as a supporter of street art. 

A "Super Pope" themed piece was installed near the Vatican recently by street artist Maupal and the Vatican Communication Twitter account liked it so much that they tweeted the photo to their 85,000 followers. Pope Francis didn't retweet the photo, but we like to think that he gave it his blessing. Unfortunately, the piece was scrubbed before he got a chance to take a selfie with it. We hope this inspires him to get out and tag Vatican City with some work of his own soon.

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[via Twitter]


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