Pablo Picasso's Great-Grandson Is a Globetrotting EDM DJ

Florian Picasso talks about building his own legacy and using his real name on stage.

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When your great-grandfather is one of the most famous and important artists in history, there is a lot of pressure for you to be great. In the mini-documentary above, the adopted great-grandson of Pablo Picasso, EDM DJ Florian Picasso, talks about the decision to use his real name as his stage name and working as a Picasso. "It's not a responsibility, but it's a challenge about writing my own legacy," he says.

In an interview with Elektro Daily, Florian said that by birth he is from Vietnam, but his nationality is French, which confuses people who don't know that he was adopted but do know that Picasso wasn't Asian. The short film above provides a look into his busy life as he travels the world, meeting with people like Steve Aoki and Benny Bennasi and playing in front of huge crowds in Las Vegas and France. While Florian doesn't share Pablo's blood, he definitely picked up a thing or two about creativity and fame, and it all seems to be working for him, and for Pablo's granddaughter, Diana Widmaier-Picasso, who has a career as an art historian.

Florian has been playing in big clubs since he was 16 years old, has opened for acts like Swedish House Mafia, and began headlining his own shows last year. "I am always reluctant about playing in my home country because I don't want to disappoint," says Florian, but judging by the crowd reactions in the video, people all over the world love him. Watch the mini-documentary above, and learn more about Florian's music by following him on Twitter.

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