Over 1000 Priceless Artifacts Burned or Stolen from the Malawi Museum in Egypt

Such a sad time for Egypt and the world.

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Amidst the destruction and unrest in Egypt, the country is unfortunately losing pieces of its history to looters. The Malawi Museum has lost several hundred rare artifacts including 3,500-year-old limestone statues, jewelry, coins, and other ancient, irreplacable pieces of Egyptian history. What looters couldn't carry they attempted to burn, like mummies and larger pieces of furniture. A ticket taker was killed during the melee, but other employees managed to protect themselves and several pieces from being destroyed.

Reports say that two statues have since been returned and other artifacts have been found in the rubble. Individuals are encouraged to return what was stolen without penalty, and small rewards are being offered to encourage others to come forward. This would sound like a modern-day Hitler story, only the looters are stealing their own history and not trying to destroy the history of others.

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