Michael White's Vintage Polaroids Provide a Rare Peek Into the Private Lives of Celebrities

These vintage snapshots from the "most famous man you’ve never heard of" show models and actors in a very different light.

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People, ourselves included, often forget that celebrities are just like us. We see them on screens and runways as perfect beings, but when they have down time they like to chill (or party) like the rest of us. Producer Michael White spent 50 years working in film and theatre, and during his career he got to hang around with some of the biggest names in acting and fashion.

A new documentary by Gracie Otto titled The Last Impresario tells the story of White's life as "the most important man you've never heard of" and features interviews with his friends including Kate Moss, Naomi Watts, John Waters, and Yoko Ono. Also featured in the film are images taken by White at during private dinners and homes with everyone from Leonardo DiCaprio and Harrison Ford, to Sting and Paul Simon. The Polaroids provide a rare glimpse into the private lives of the biggest stars, and some of them have been shared online ahead of the film's UK release on Sept. 26.

Before you ask, yes that is Anna Wintour smilin' and sippin' with John Galliano.








For more information about the film, click this link.

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