Marc Jacobs Talks About the Birth of Kanye West's Partnership With Louis Vuitton

Takashi Murakami was indirectly involved in getting Kanye his first luxury collab.

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Kanye West's love for Louis Vuitton and his admiration for Marc Jacobs have been well-documented over the past decade. Kanye once called Jacobs the "most important designer in fashion." Their relationship grew personally and professionally when Jacobs gave Ye the opportunity to design sneakers with LV. Before receiving his Lifetime Achievement Award from Parsons this week, Jacobs spoke with Elle about exactly how Kanye x LV came to be.

"Kanye called me on the telephone, because he wanted to talk about [Takashi] Murakami," explained Jacobs. "He was a huge enthusiast, and he knew I'd worked with Murakami on a Vuitton collaboration [in 2002]...our conversation about Murakami turned into a conversation about many other things, and it lasted for hours. We really got along, and it was a really fascinating conversation. Eventually, we began talking about sneakers, and that's how his partnership with Vuitton happened."

The Kanye x Louis Vuitton Don, Jasper, and Mr. Hudson models dropped in various colorways in 2009 with hefty price tags (which is why he says he will never do it again).If you have any of them in your collection, you're a very lucky person...or you're Kanye West.


Marc Jacobs had only good things to say about Kanye and his growth as a designer. "Kanye is so intelligent, so creative, and so driven. Even [now] with his success, he still reads constantly, he studies art and fashion constantly. He has passion. He is always dedicated to his work, creatively. And I really like him."

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