Leonardo DiCaprio Bought This Painting After Seeing it on Instagram

Social media may be the best tool for copping art in 2015.

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The past week in New York City has been an important and busy one for the art world, as several thousands collectors and art lovers swarmed the city to attend the various art fairs scheduled, including celebrities who practice living the #ArtLife. While stars like Swizz Beatz and comedian Morgan Spurlock were spotted among the crowds, Leonardo DiCaprio chose to grab his art from the 'gram like a boss.

According to Creator's Project, DiCaprio saw a painting on Instagram of a work by Brooklyn-based artist Jean-Pierre Roy and had to have it. The painting, titled Nachlass, 2015, was being displayed at the PULSE New York Contemporary Art Fair by Gallery Poulsen of Copenhagen. In an artist's statement on the Gallery Poulsen website, Roy says that his work is "often associated with Science Fiction, and the Post-Apocalyptic...For me, the pull of the fantastical has always been the promise of ‘When you enter through these doors, your existential understanding of the nature of things will be questioned.’ It is that promise, and the examination of it, that has been the unifying thread in all of my work."

DiCaprio called someone and purchased the piece over the phone without ever seeing it in person. Buying art online is a growing trend that will probably become more popular as artists and dealers find new ways to promote their work on platforms like Twitter and Instagram. If you're an artist or any kind of creative person, you should definitely have your work online by now. How else will Leonardo DiCaprio find you?

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