"Kids" Director Larry Clark Sells Original Snapshots for Cheap at Home Alone 2 Gallery

A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

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We understand that not everyone can afford to go into galleries and drop thousands of dollars on the art that they love (hell, neither can we). Larry Clark gets it too, that's why he is selling original photographs for only $100 at Home Alone 2 Gallery in the East Village. Clark's career as a photographer and director has been celebrated (and vilified) for decades and his prints normally sell for five figures, so the opportunity to own an original one-of-one photograph of his for a bill is something that you should not sleep on.

In an email to the New York Times, Clark says that he decided to hold the sale as "payback to all the skate rats and collectors who would like a souvenir, so I can die happy." The senior director of the gallery, Natalia Sacasa, says that the photographs are "more like artifacts or archival material...a relic of his life and his experience of the world."

You have until January 10 to be a part of this awesome sale so you better hurry. More info here.

[via NYTimes]

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