Kanye West Says That Takashi Murakami Cried When He Saw "Runaway"

So much feel.

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In a recent podcast interview, Bret Easton Ellis chatted with Kanye West and his creative assistant Elon Rutberg about the experiences of viewing and making films, since he and the musician are currently working on a film project together. During the interview, Kanye talked about his own music videos as being short films and tried to convey the passion that he puts into making them and, subsequently, the impact that they have on the people who view them. He spoke specifically about his friend and past collaborator, Japanese artist Takashi Murakami: "I did this film 'Runaway.' When people see it, they’re moved by the emotion. They see the emotion. They see the naiveté in the work I do because I’m not trained at all. If I talked to like Spike Jonez about it, he’d be like ‘ah that completely sucked,’ if I talk to an artist or something about it, they’ll be like, ‘that’s my favorite thing.’ I talked to Takashi Murakami, and he said he cried when he saw it." 

During the podcast, Ellis and West talk about the Oscars and films like Twelve Years a Slave and Pacific Rim but also bring Kanye's favorite topics of fashion and creatives like Steve Jobs into the conversation. Kanye once again speaks on being boxed into the genre of "musician" and gives himself a different title: "Right now I'm able to talk and be here, live in LA and have a living and be able to get engaged to my girl because I am a successful musician currently, but if I were to write my title, like going through the airport and you have to put down what you do, I would literally write creative genius except for two reasons: sometimes it takes to long to write that, and sometimes I spell the word genius wrong…the irony!"

To listen to the full interview, click here and view the "Runaway" film below to see if you have the same reaction:

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