Photographer Jonathan Mannion's Polaroid Exhibition at Milk Gallery in New York City

"Hip hop's photographer" x Polaroid 665 film.

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Jonathan Mannion says that he "wants to be remembered as an incredible that connects to his subjects and makes classic images." For those who don't recognize the name, you definitely know his work. While he shoots subjects from many fields, Mannion is most known for his iconic Hip Hop photography: the portraits of DMX covered in blood for "Flesh of My Flesh, Blood of My Blood," Ludacris' "Back For the First Time" album cover, Jay Z's "Reasonable Doubt," Ol' Dirty Bastard's "Ni**a Please," and the list goes on and on. "Classic" definitely describes Mannion's work and this upcoming exhibition at Milk Gallery in New York will prove it.

ROUGH AROUND THE EDGES: the 665 Polaroid Work of Jonathan Mannion opens June 18 and features photographs taken in one of Mannion's favorite formats. He likens the freedoms of using the now discontinued 665 Polaroid film and his trusty Polaroid 195 Land camera to shooting digital because it showed exactly what the finished product was going to look like. Printing with the included negatives gave the "rough edge" aesthetic that he was looking for and provided for amazing photos. 

Check out some of Mannion's work above and make sure to visit the gallery to witness more from a truly great photographer.

Milk Gallery
450 W 15th St
June 18-July 7 

[via MilkMade]

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