Instagram Becomes the World's Window Into North Korea

A glimpse into a closed world.

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Not long ago, the only "in" that the world had to North Korea was through archival footage, censored/policed media coverage, and Dennis Rodman. Thanks to social media (namely Instagram) and access to wireless Internet, there are tour groups and photographers like David Guttenfelder of the Associated Press who are able to share unofficial, raw photos of the country without obtaining approval from the government. Guttenfelder photographs everything from marching troops to children at play, exposing his 186,000 followers and countless others to daily life in the filtered (pun intended) and largely restricted country.

Only foreigners have access to the 3G network, so its not a total victory for the Internet, but it is a huge step forward. To view North Korea, perhaps for the first time, check out the photos taken from Guttenfelder's Instagram.

[via Wired]

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