Gallery 1988 Explores the Heavens with a Space-Themed Art Show

Real intergalactic.

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With their current art show, Gallery 1988 pays homage to decades of space exploration and centuries of man's fascination with the stars. "Space!" opened on June 21 and features galaxy-themed artwork from dozens of talented artists including Kevin Tong, Ken Taylor, Justin White, Olly Moss, Emily Partridge, Daniel Danger, and Rob Sheridan.

The show will be on view at G1988: West until July 20, so you still have some time to check it out. As usual, original artwork and prints from this collection are available online for those of you not on the West Coast.

Space! the gallery show
Gallery 1988: West
7308 Melrose Avenue 

[via NineteenEightyEight]

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