Freegums Collaborates With This Is Ground on a Dope Mod Illustrator iPad Case

A fully debossed case designed to hold an iPad and the tools that an illustrator needs to create.

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Los Angeles-based artist Freegums teamed up with handmade leather goods company This Is Ground to create a dope case with illustrators in mind. The Mod Illustrator case is designed to hold an iPad Mini or iPad Air, and Freegum's original artwork has been debossed into the leather throughout, but there is also an insert designed by the artist to hold all the necessary tools of the trade, including pens, sharpies, ink, lead, and erasers. 






With Freegums living in Los Angeles and This Is Ground being a Los Angeles-based company, the culture of the city was important for this collab. "While the products are derived from my journeys, they are rooted in L.A.’s deep knowledge of craft," said This Is Ground founder Mike Macadaan. "Our products travel the globe with our community, bringing back new insights, leading to better iterations and being an integral tool to creative work worldwide." Freegums said that living in Los Angeles has helped him see "how much of an impact our environment has on all of us" and that his work has "picked up hints, elements, and characters that are part of the Hollywood enclave."

The artist described the collaboration process as a "rewarding experience," adding that This Is Ground was "very open to my ideas and point of view as the collaborator. They understand the importance of building bridges and connecting with people from different trades and practices and are turned into their needs. Seeing how different this Freegums pattern was applied and used for their line is very refreshing."

Both sizes of the This Is Ground x Freegums Mod Illustrator are available here.

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