Designer Michael Allen Shaved His Beard Into Every Letter of the Alphabet

Which is a lot harder than it sounds.

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In a very unique experiment in considering the design of letters, Michael Allen spent two years growing and cutting his facial hair in the shape of all 26 letters of the English alphabet. Allen refers to his collection of beard designs as the "Alphabeard Beardface." The designer tells Co.Design that what began as a joke grew into a real project: "I began sketching the ways I could make letterforms with the limitations of beard growth, including the bald patches, the gap around the mouth and amateur grooming skills." He also said that he plans to create more beard typefaces of different weights. 

Allen project definitely showed dedication.We would have probably done one letter, realized that it took too long and that we looked like fools, and that would have been the end. For more on this project and others, visit

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[via Fast Co.Design]

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