Borbay Crafts a Special Painting for MH the Verb's "Balloon Guide" Album Cover

This is so New York City.

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For MH the Verb's album "Balloon Guide" (dropping February 11) Borbay was tasked with creating dope cover art that also reflected the music on the album. Borbay describes "Balloon Guide" as an "an exploration of stops along the 2 train", so he and MH decided to go with visuals that clearly repesented that, including the train as well as the balloons that the musician holds while standing in Union Square, set against the skyline of the city. 

Check out a few of the progress shots above (more here on Borbay's blog) and watch the timelapse video of Borbay painting the artwork for the album below.

MH the Verb's Balloon Guide Album Cover by Borbayby Borbay

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