A Car Door from Banksy's "Horses" Piece Will Also Be Sold at Art Miami

We all saw this coming.

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About a week ago, we learned that Banksy's Balloon Heart was slated to be carved from a wall in Red Hook so that it could be sold at Art Miami this December and we knew it was only a matter of time before more of the art from his New York City residency made it to auction. Telegraphreports that the rear door of a car that Banksy painted on his ninth day in the city will be joining Balloon Heart on the trip, thanks to gallery owner Stephan Keszler who recently acquired the pieces from the property owners. Art appraisers place the value of the pieces at around $800,000, but we're not sure where the rest of vehicle is. We wouldn't be surprised if it shows up in sections at future auctions.

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[via Telegraph

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