Banksy Gifts His "Mobile Lovers" Piece to the Broad Plain Boy's Club in Bristol

Street artist Banksy wrote a letter that gives the club his "blessing" to do what they feel is right with the piece.

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In case you missed it, there was a bit of a dispute over ownership of Banksy's Mobile Lovers piece in Bristol. The leader of the Broad Plain Boy's Club used a crowbar to remove the piece and wrote a sign that said that people could come over and view it in exchange for a small donation. The Bristol City Council later swooped in and took the piece, claiming that it was city property and that it belonged in a museum. 

BBC News now reports that Banksy wrote a letter to the Boy's Club that praises them for the work that they do in the community, and that co-signs their claim to the piece. The letter addresses club leader Dennis Stinchcombe by his first name and reads "as you know I recently painted on a doorway near the club. This was meant to be a small visual gift for the area- but apparently a financial one would've been more useful." It goes on to say, "you have my blessing to do what you feel is right with the piece."

Stinchcombe says that he believes that "as a young man (Banksy) went to Barton Hill youth club and probably came into my club several times at The Dings in St Phillips...He's come clean to us and it's lovely." The mayor of Bristol called the letter a "proper resolution," adding "we've done our job by looking after it and in the meantime we've collected a bit more for the boys' club."

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[via BBC]

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