American Apparel's Creepy Ex-CEO Wants $40 Million for Emotional Distress, Vacation Pay, and Other Damages

Dov Charney was fired late last year and now he wants a big check and shares of the company.

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Back in December, American Apparel CEO and founder Dov Charney was fired by the company following an internal investigation. Charney had a history of sexual harassment lawsuits and other questionable behavior and some argued that he was not ideal leadership material for AA's future. Since then, American Apparel has begun a complete overhaul of the way they do business, hiring a new CEO, updating its code of conduct, and announcing that they no longer want "Instagram hoes or thots" for their campaigns, but it looks like they haven't heard the last of Charney.

According to reports, Charney is asking American Apparel for $40 million in "damages" following his forced divorce from the company. The lawsuit includes $6 million in severance, $1.3 million for vacation-time pay, $10 million for Charney's emotional distress, and 13 million shares of the company that he helped build. In an email to Reuters, Charney's attorney Keith Fink said that "there will be other lawsuits we will be filing against the company which they are aware of but have not revealed to the media."

Dov Charney has stated in the past that he only has $100,000 to his name, so this could be a real come-up for him if he wins the lawsuit...or another embarrassing life moment if he doesn't.

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