The Developer Who Killed 5Pointz Wants to Name His Condos After the Fallen Graffiti Mecca

G&M Realty and Jerry Wolkoff are trying to trademark the name that Meres One coined back in 2002.

Image via esymai on Instagram

As the walls of 5Pointz come crumbling down, the graffiti artists that made the site what it was continue to feel the sorrow and anger that comes with seeing your home destroyed as you stand there, powerless to stop it. As if this hasn't been drawn out long enough, the man responsible may be keeping the drama alive forever by using the name 5Pointz for his new development.

According to DNAInfo, G&M Realty and 5Pointz owner Jerry Wolkoff submitted an application in March to trademark "5Pointz" because Wolkoff wants to use the term to refer to the two towers that will be built on the site. The application was rejected for being too similar to an already registered mark, so Wolkoff was given until December to respond to the rejection letter.

"It's ironic that the same corporation which single-handedly destroyed all the artwork known as 5Pointz is trying to capitalize on its name," said Marie Cecile Flageul, a spokesperson for the 5Pointz artists. Meres One said simply, "The disrespect continues, I suppose."

Wolfoff is quoted as saying that 5Pointz refers to the location, not the property or the art that is being demolished, even though Meres One is credited with coming up with the name back in 2002. He also said, "The building is going to be back and the artists are going to be back...they’ll be back and they’ll be happy and it'll be better."

[via DNAInfo]

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