London-based illustrator and director Stevie Gee has connected with Tommy Hilfiger and their Tommy’s Drop Shop series to create a co-designed mini drop packed with psychedelic graphics galore.

Since launching in October last year, Tommy’s Drop Shop has been inviting creators from all areas of pop culture to collaborate on limited-edition releases. The series has seen the likes of Johnny Banger, Mago Dovjenko and Mysterious Al co-design gender-neutral hoodies and T-shirts through their own unique artistic lens. 

Putting a modern twist on classic Tommy pieces, each Drop Shop item is also made from organic cotton and 100% recycled materials and available in super-limited quantities – building on the brand’s mission to create fashion that ‘Wastes Nothing and Welcomes All.’


In his Tommy’s Drop Shop – aka DROP 3 – Stevie Gee turns up the volume with a loud, experimental graphic reworking that showcases what the UK artist is all about. With a passion for animation, movement, music and dancing, Gee’s irrepressible energy and love of all things trippy is channeled through graphics showcasing his offbeat humour and crazy cartoon drawings.

Arriving in a palette that adds pink and purple to the traditional Tommy colour of red, white and blue, DROP 3 features a shirtless, muscular cartoon character, as well as a wilting flower in a flowerpot with a melting face – one of Stevie Gee’s signature references. The collection also includes a surrealist, metal-inspired cartoon TOMMY JEANS flag, BMX-inspired sleeve patterns and a host of wavey, 3D fonts to complete one of the most eye-catching DROP’s from the series to date.

To celebrate the release of his Drop Shop collab, COMPLEX caught up with Stevie Gee to talk through his unique visual style, creative influences and hopes for the collection.