Iconic streetwear brand Stüssy has tapped several designers including Virgil Abloh and Rick Owens to assist in their 40th anniversary World Tour collection.

Prompted to add their own creative touch to the classic Stüssy "World Tour" tee-shirt, Rick Owens, Virgil Abloh, Takahiro Miyashita, Marc Jacobs, and Martine Rose were all given the opportunity to redesign the tee in their own unique way. Virgil teased his design a few months ago, posting it to his social media feed.

Each designer is also meant to represent the different cities that Stüssy has touched across the globe during its 4-decade long run. Martine Rose is meant to reflect London-based design, Marc Jacobs is obviously connected to New York, Virgil Abloh is repping Los Angeles instead of Chicago here, and Takahiro Miyashita is connected to Tokyo.

The World Tour Collection will be available in Chapter Stores, Dover Street Market, and stussy.com on Friday, Nov. 20th. Check out some of the different designs from Virgil, Rick Owens, and the others down below.



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