It's looking like the coronavirus is here to stay for a while. So, it's only right that Louis Vuitton makes some luxury PPE. 

Louis Vuitton is set to debut a luxury face shield. Like everything associated with the brand, this protective gear isn't going to be cheap. The shield is expected to release on Oct. 30 at select locations as part of the brand's 2021 Cruise Collection and cost customers $961.

This face shield is meant to protect individuals from droplets that might contain the coronavirus. It is made of clear hard plastic with Louis Vuitton's trademarked monogrammed pattern lining the sides. The shield also flips up so that it can double as a hat/visor. The plastic also transitions from clear to dark in bright light. 

Although this face shield is hitting shelves at a gaudy price, Louis Vuttion was one of several major fashion brands that helped combat the spread of COVID-19. The brand retooled its assembly line to create PPE and cleaning supplies. It also donated 2,500 cloth masks to MTA along with mass-producing hand sanitizer when there was a global shortage.

As far as the overall effectiveness of face shields, Dr. Faucci suggested that people buy face shields in July. But the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is unsure how well they prevent the spread of the virus.