Robin Williams' sense of personal style was almost as prolific as his comedy. Though he was often seen in more traditional 'fits, like tailored suits or just a T-shirt and jeans, the Hollywood icon also gave us some memorable fashion moments. There was that 1999 flame shirt, Bape camo short-sleeve button-up, the North Face 1990 Trans Antarctica Expedition Jacket, and the Issey Miyake bomber he rocked on the Flubber (1997) red carpet. The latter look has recently received some major love on Twitter, thanks to a since-viral tweet. 

Williams' daughter, Zelda Williams, came across the tweet and began reflecting on her late father's unique style.

The younger Williams went on to say that her dad was a big fan of obscure Japanese brands, specifically Bape—so much so that "he knew EVERYONE that worked there." 

She also described her dad as somewhat of "a hoarder," as he also collected a ton of shoes, figurines, and bicycles. But she recalled one downside to his passion for cycling: the skintight Spandex.

One Twitter user asked why Williams would don a full beard in his "more serious" roles. Zelda pointed out that there were many dramatic films in which her father was clean-shaven—pointing to One Hour Photo and Insomnia.

"I think people just remember when he had a beard because Good Will Hunting became so huge and he grew such an epic one very easily," she replied.

Zelda concluded her walk down memory lane by encouraging everyone to stay safe and check in on their loved-ones during the global health crisis. The tweets come more than five years after Robin Williams' death at age 63.