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Moose Knuckles goes for signature overstated visual flair as they offer an intimate look at their Fall/Winter 2020 collection. 

World-renowned as the most notorious luxury outerwear brand the industry has to offer, Moose Knuckles have gone above and beyond to highlight the fun fashion has to offer. Their latest outing sees them headed to Paris to take over Galerie Joseph Charlot for a Fall/Winter 2020 showcase, following an electric appearance at Pitti in Milan. The upcoming collection, titled “Speed of Light” looks to the tech world, science-fiction, and an optimistic view of the future to deliver hyper-stylised silhouettes that blur the lines between virtual reality and reality. With futuristic influence, comes the introduction of future-forward innovations such as the weight-reducing ‘Cloud’ within the brand’s signature Core armoury. Alongside build updates are new silhouettes such as the featherweight Cloud Trinity Parka, and Active-Flex quilted Black Rock jacket that combines print with wet gloss finishes.

Further sustainable strides have been taken within the collection, with the Sustainable Soft-Shell Collection of eco-conscious jackets made entirely of biodegradable and recycled materials and trims. As has become commonplace with Moose Knuckles seasonal updates, new colourways such as Moon Walk, Galaxy Blue, Verizon Link, and Comet Red are sprinkled throughout the line. 

Take a peep at the Moose Knuckles Fall/Winter 2020 collection below, which is available for viewing at Galerie Joseph Charlot until January 29th.

All Images via Moose Knuckles