The ComplexCon x Los Angeles Lakers x Takashi Murakami collab finally arrives at the Complex SHOP.

Announced in October, ComplexCon brought together two titans in their respective fields for this unique collaboration, embodiments of world-class excellence and creativity. The Los Angeles Lakers’ classic logos from the 1960s through the 1990s are revisualized through Murakami’s unique eye, uniting them with his iconic flower and flowing lava-like color elements. This capsule continues a tradition of excellence for the Lakers, Murakami, and ComplexCon and honors the past by cultivating the future. The unique energy of the city of Los Angeles is woven into the collection through the vibrant palette and exciting reimagining of iconic forms.

The collection, which was produced by New Era and Mitchell and Ness, includes a satin jacket that retails for $250, Lakers basketball jerseys and matching shorts that retail from $165 to $200; hoodies that retail for $160; sweatshirts that retail for $85; graphic T-shirts that retail for $65 and two hats that retail for $60. 

In case you missed out on the initial drop at ComplexCon, we saved some pieces aside for the holiday season. Head over to the SHOP and browse through the full lineup to secure that piece you've been eyeing.

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